6th Saudi Society Rheumatology Conference

SSR Objectives

  • 1- The progression and development of the scientific thinking in Rheumatology.
  • 2- Giving the opportunity for the members of SSR to contribute to the scientific development of its fields.
  • 3- Encouraging and enhancing exchange of scientific thinking in its fields amongst different institutions and disciplines in the Kingdom and abroad.
  • 4- Offering consultation and performing the appropriate studies to improve the level of performance in the fields of the SSR in different institutions/disciplines.
  • 5- Cooperating with similar scientific associations in the Kingdom and abroad.
  • 6- Promoting and contributing to public health education on its fields.
  • 7- Promoting our physicians to make the early diagnosis and management of Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in the Kingdom and abroad to prevent irreversible complications
  • Supporting our Rheumatology fellowship program at different levels



Conference registration Early Bird Registration Date Early Bird Registration Fee Late Registration Date Late Registration Fee Onsite Registration Date Onsite Registration Fee
Physicians March 15, 2019 SAR 500 -- -- March 29, 2019 SAR 600
Nurses and technicians March 15, 2019 SAR 400 -- -- March 29, 2019 SAR 500
Fellow / Residents Paramedics March 15, 2019 SAR 300 -- -- March 29, 2019 SAR 400
students / Intern March 15, 2019 SAR 200 -- -- March 29, 2019 SAR 300

SSR aims to be a leading organization in the field of Rheumatology with significant positive impact on patient care in Saudi Arabia.

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