International Annual Conference (Saudi Digestive Diseases Forum 2019)

Under the umbrella of the Joint Board for Postgraduate Medical Education, the Gastroenterology Club was existing for several years with regular monthly meeting of the Gastroenterologist in Riyadh city. The cooperation of the members from different hospitals and discussion of gastroenterological problems has been tremendously progressing. In addition to the club activities, the members were responsible for organizing workshops, courses and symposia in the field of gastroenterology. At some point in 1405, the club members felt there should be more cooperation and activities, not only in Riyadh but also on national level to promote progress and knowledge and to contribute to public health education in gastroenterology and hepatology. Such goals can only be achieved by inauguration of a Gastroenterology Association. As King Saud University is the only institution eligible to recognize an association, the club members agreed that the Gastroenterology Division of College of Medicine and King Khalid University Hospital applies for constituting as association carrying the name {Saudi Gastroenterology Association (SGA)}. The application was accepted by the Department of Medicine and the College Board in 1405. This was accepted three years later by the University Scientific Council on 11/8/1408 under letter No. 76457/47. Subsequently, the Gastroenterology Division invited Gastroenterologists from various institutions at different areas of the Kingdom to the first meeting at the College of Medicine, King Saud University on Thursday, 10/3/1409. In this meeting the bylaws of the SGA were discussed by the founders who approved it and an interim committee was formed.





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