The 13th Annual Conference Of The Saudi Orthodontic Society

About Saudi Orthodontic Society

The SOS was established In 2006, and since that time it has continued to become a well known Society, this will not happen without the support and cooperation of everyone, and we as a newly elected board members of this Society, will work hard to fulfill our promise to you, for further development an


The society aims to achieve the following objectives:

Develop professional thinking in the field of orthodontics and to promote scientific and professional practice of the society members

Providing the chance for all orthodontic professionals to participate in the scientific advancement of the field

Facilitating the exchange of scientific and professional information between the society and various institutions inside and outside the Kingdom

Providing consultations and performing studies that will promote the level of orthodontics related to the different medical organizations

Cooperate with the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Council for Medical Specialties, in outlining the standards of the practice of orthodontics and taking part in supervising and maintaining an acceptable standard of patient care

Participation in raising the overall public awareness regarding orthodontics

d expansion for the advancement of the profession of orthodontics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .





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